E3 2016
E3 is the annual Mecca for everyone in the game industry. It's when developers show off their latest creations and promote upcoming endeavors.

But we also love E3 because it's a great time for game cinematics. Every year we get to see dozens of new trailers, teasers and sneak peeks at a whole lot of cinematic goodness. Here we've brought you the best and brightest of the trailers that released at E3 2016.

Death Stranding Teaser
June 13, 2016
Game: Death Stranding
Exceedingly cool and by far the most artsy thing to come out of E3 2016, but we don't know what's happening. At all. So, this cinematic teaser certainly does it's duty: it teases us. A lot.
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Trailer
June 13, 2016
Film: Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
Associated Game: Final Fantasy XV
This trailer, for the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie, was shown at E3. It’s not for a game, but rather the film tie-in for Final Fantasy XV. Nevertheless, the visuals are stunning in a typically Square way. On the whole, Final Fantasy continues to possess a flamboyant, regal style that sets it apart from pretty much everything.
Days Gone Trailer
June 13, 2016
Game: Days Gone
A post-apocalyptic game. Although very different, it's somewhat reminiscent of the atmosphere found in The Last of Us. The developer, Bend Studio, has made a few of the Uncharted Vita games, so perhaps there's a Naughty Dog influence in there somewhere. Either way, great story trailer using in-engine assets.
For Honor Story Trailer
June 13, 2016
Created by: Unit Image
Game: For Honor
As a follow up to the cinematic trailer released at 2015's E3, this cinematic focuses on the campaign mode for the game. And much like the first trailer, this trailer employs some clever tricks to help tell the story at hand. Stellar effects work.

And if your monitor can handle it, be sure to set it to 4K resolution by hitting the HD button. So worth it.
Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer
June 13, 2016

Game: Ghost Recon Wildlands
Similar to the setting and feel of the movie Sicario, this sweeping cinematic sets the stage for the drug war in South America.
Halo Wars 2 Trailer
June 13, 2016
Created by: Blur Studio
Game: Halo Wars 2
Using a unique approach to the filmmaking, this cinematic trailer packs a punch yet does so softly. Excellent combination of music, action storytelling and (of course) stellar art.
Prey Trailer
June 12, 2016
Created by: Platige Image
Game: Prey
After this tantalizing cinematic teaser, we're left wondering what the developers are up to. Prey 2 was canceled awhile back, and while this uses the same branding as that franchise, it's hard to say how similar it will be. But it's certainly a fascinating, psychological thriller that has us asking questions.
Quake Champions Trailer
June 12, 2016
Created by: Method Studios
Game: Quake Champions
Quake—the fabled, multiplayer online shooter that spawned a generation of games—is getting a brand new game. And while we don't know much about what it will be like, we can enjoy this heavy-hitting CG trailer. It's like a real match, but with way better graphics.
Injustice 2 Teaser
June 8, 2016
Game: Injustice 2
Superheroes fighting each other. It seems to be the big thing these days, but we're not complaining, because look at all the CG!
Watch Dogs 2 Trailer
June 8, 2016
Created by: Platige Image
Game: Watch Dogs 2
In this trailer, we follow Marcus Holloway and a group of hackers across San Francisco. The editing style mirrors the rebellious nature of the protagonist and establishes a different tone from the first Watch Dogs game. And one can't help but draw comparisons to the television series Mr. Robot, albeit a more adolescent version.
Every year we've seen a rising number of high quality pre-rendered and in-game cinematics at E3, and 2016 was no different. Congratulations to all the studios and people who worked hard on these great trailers.


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