He Ain't Even Hurt
He Ain't Even Hurt is the fifteenth of thirty-eight cinematics in The Last of Us. The end portion of this cinematic was released as a trailer in June of 2012. It was titled as Joel and Ellie Truck Ambush and featured the song "Alone and Forsaken" by Hank Williams.
On the road. Concept by Aaron Limonick.
Joel. Concept by Aaron Limonick.
Pittsburgh. Concept by Maciej Kuciara.
Cinematic Credits
Creative Director: Neil Druckmann
Art Director: Erick Pangilinan
Written by: Neil Druckmann
Original Score Composed and Performed by: Gustavo Santaolalla
Lead Editor: Ryan M. James
Concept Artists: Nicholas Gindraux, Maciej Kuciara, Aaron Limonick, Hyoung Taek Nam, John Sweeney, Eytan Zana
Additional Concept Artists: Marek Okon, Shaddy Safadi
Lead Character Artist: Michael Knowland
Character Artists: Soa Lee, Jaehoon Kim, Adam Scott, Michael Svymbersky
Character TDs: Nathan Horne, Beverly Sage, Judd Simantov, Tyler Thornock
Additional Character TD: Ryan Trowbridge
Lead Environment Artist: Christian Nakata
Environment Artists: David Baldwin, David Ballard, Artem Brizitskiy, Adrian Castro, Jonny Chen, Todd Foster, Santiago Gutierrez, Edward Lee, Zachary Oliver, Mark Pajarillo, Andres Rodriguez, Reuben Shah, Jose Vega, Jesse Warren
Additional Environment Artists: Henry Cheng, Simon Craghead, Genesis Prado, Anthony Vaccaro, Andrew Watkins
Lead Artist: Nate Wells
Lead Technical Artist: Michel Hatfield
Technical Artists: Michael Fadollone, Brian Kenny, Inkyo Lee, Jane Mullaney, Neilan Naicker
Additional Technical Artist: Christophe Desse
Shader/Texture Artists: Melissa Altobello, Brian Beppu, Adelle Bueno, Heather Cerlan, Ana Cho, Charlotee Francis, Malcolm Hee, Adam Marquis, Khanh Nguyen, Rogelio Olguin, Behrooz Roozbeh, Chad Russ, Jonathan Schmidth, Johnathan Sek
Lead Cinematic Animators: Shaun Escayg, David Lam
Cinematic Animators: Eric Baldwin, Marianne Hayden, Keith Paciello, Tal Peleg, Kion Phillips
Cinematic Assistant: Bryant Wilson
Mo-Cap Pipeline TD: Damon Shelton
Lead Lighting Artist: Vivian Ding
Lighting Artists: Leandro Amaral, James Fetter, Scott Greenway, Mari Kuwayama
Lead Visual Effects Artist: Eben Cook
Visual Effects Artists: Mike Dudley, Douglas Holder, Iki Ikram
Additional Visual Effects Artist: Keith Guerrette
Sound Designer: Neil Uchitel
Sound Editor/Integrators: Tom Hite, Warren Post
Dialog Supervisor: James Barker
Dialog Designer/Integrators: Mark Burroughs, Michael Hourihan
Additional Sound Designer: Bruce Swanson
Additional Voice Direction by: Liam O'Brien
Additional Motion Capture Direction: Gordon Hunt
Voice of Ellie: Ashley Johnson
Voice of Joel: Troy Baker
Voice of Bill: W. Earl Brown
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