Take Earth Back
Take Earth Back is the cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 3, the final installment of the Commander Shepard storyline. It was produced by Digic Pictures and features music from Two Steps From Hell.

The Mass Effect series has a lot of diversity in the character cast, themes and relationships. The main character, Commander Shepard, is fully customizable (gender, ethnicity, facial appearances) and throughout the game players can choose the romantic relationships they wish to pursue, regardless of the gender. This diversity and player choice is part of what makes Mass Effect so interesting and engaging.

The female version of Shepard, commonly referred to as FemShep, was voiced by Jennifer Hale. And her voice over performance was the preferred option for many players. Although the male version of Shepard was the primary image used in most of the promotional materials, the female version of Shepard was also used for a couple of the trailers, including Take Earth Back:
Take Earth Back (FemShep Version)
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Cinematic Credits
Animation Supervisor: Róbert Babenko
Lead Animator: István Zorkóczy
Animators: Ádám Juhász, Gábor Lendvai, György Tóth
Mocap TDs: István Gindele, Csaba Kövári
Lead Compositor: Balázs Horváth
Compositing: Péter Hostyánszki, Ria Tamók
Matte Painter: Péter Bujdosó
Lead Effects TD: Viktor Németh
Houdini TDs: Dániel Bukovec, Ferenc Ugrai
After The Fall song by: Two Steps From Hell
Black Blade song by: Two Steps From Hell

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February 2012
March 2012