Halo 5: Guardians Intro
This opening cinematic for Halo 5: Guardians takes us on a wild ride. After an exhilarating fall through a mid-air battlefield, we get to travel alongside the spartans as they ski their way down the slopes of a tumultuous war zone. Composed almost entirely of one long take, the team developed a sequence that was based on a solid, procedural pipeline that allowed for iteration and more automated integration.

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FX Guide interview with members of the Halo 5 Guardians team
Cinematic Credits
343 Industries
Director: Brien Goodrich
Producer: Damon Conn
Lead Writer: Brian Reed
Composer: Kazuma Jinnouchi
Animation Director: Steve Dyck
Senior Animator: Greg Towner
Audio Director: Sotaro Tojima
Sound Designers: Robbie Elias, Kyle Fraser
Sound Effects Editors: Ken Kato, Chase Thompson
Axis Animation
Creative Director: Stu Aitken
CG Supervisor: Sergio Caires
Executive Producer: Debbie Ross
Producer: Ross Main
FX Supervisor: Jayden Paterson
Warner Bros. Sound
Supervising Sound Editors: Mitchell Osias, Bryan Watkins
Supervising Dialogue Editor: Christopher Cody Flick
Supervising Foley Editor: Goeun Lee
ADR Mixers: Alan Freedman, R. Dutch Hill
Foley Artists: Alyson Moore, Shelley Roden, John Roesch
Sound Effects Editors: Luis Galdames, Tom Ozanich, Roland Thai
Production Sound Mixer: Jim Morgan
Foley Mixer: Kyle Rochlin
Recordist: John Fasal
VO Assistant: Pierce O’Toole
Production Coordinator: Emma Weston

VO Director: Amanda Wyatt
Project Manager: Karen Fishman
Casting Director: Jamie Mortellaro

Voice of Thomas Lasky: Darren O'Hare
Voice of Sarah Palmer: Jennifer Hale
Voice of Spartan Jameson Locke: Ike Amadi
Voice of Olympia Vale: Laura Bailey
Voice of Spartan Holly Tanaka: Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
Voice of Edward Buck: Nathan Fillion

Credit list not complete. Confirmed credits only. If you worked on this cinematic, or know someone who did, please let us know at info@behindthecinematic.com or by sending us a message on Twitter.
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